Preparing your Landscape for Fall

September 26, 2017

As summer fizzles out and the leaves begin to fall, you might start to wonder what you have left to upkeep for the year. Let’s explore how to prepare your landscape for colder temperatures.


Keep maintaining your lawn for as long as you can. If you aren’t seeing any rain or snow yet, you should continue watering your lawn. You should wait until the beginning of the fall season –typically the first part of October- to start watering less. You can gradually cut back to watering only once a week until the storms kick in.
You should fertilize in the fall to replace the nutrients that were lost due to harsh summer heat. The best time to fertilize in the fall is right before the first snow fall. The roots will feed off of the fertilizer over the winter months and come back healthier and stronger in the spring.
Continue mowing your lawn to keep fungus from growing and to help clear debris. Feel free to raise your mower blades and allow your grass to grow a little longer than usual, though. Consider re-seeding spots in your lawn that are starting to look dead, or bare. Once you notice that your grass is no longer growing, it’s time to winterize and put the mower away.


Prune your trees and shrubs one last time before winter sets in. Doing so can help prevent disease in your plants. Remove unwanted plants and weeds to keep them from affecting your yard in the coming year. You may even want to aerate your yard.
Rake your leaves- but leave some on the ground (not too many- or it will grow mold) to help nurture and protect your lawn from frost. You can also protect plants from freezing by adding a protective layer of mulch.

Other Outdoor Prep

Now is a good time to prepare for winter and maintain everything outside. Consider that you will most likely be spending a lot of time outdoors shoveling in the coming months. Make sure all of your outdoor lights are working & that your pathways are in good condition. It will be easier to shovel in the dark if you have adequate outdoor lighting and if all of the cracks in your driveway/walkway are filled and sealed.
It’s also time to start storing all of your summer patio furnishings, children’s toys, etc., to keep them from being ruined by winter storms.
Keep an eye on the forecast and be sure to winterize your sprinklers before the first big storm hits. This will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.