Personalizing Your Landscape

September 26, 2017

Are you looking to customize your landscape to make it more interesting? Take out what isn’t working. Bare grass? Rough spot? Replace it with an elevated garden bed, new plants, or decoration. Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck with drab features of your landscape. Keep reading for more ideas.
Statues, rustic nick-knacks, customized decorations, are all ways that you can convert your landscape into something that’s just for you. Anything that has a connection to you and your household’s personality would be a great personalized addition. Do you share a hobby or passion that you could display? Transform everyday items into yard decorations, just make sure that the items are weatherproof.
You can also recycle old items that are meaningful to you. For example, if your children outgrew a toy, you can turn it into a flower pot or center feature in your garden.

Focal Points

Without going to the Edward Scissor hands extreme, you could prune your trees to have unique shapes, or design. There’s no denying this stylistic approach adds a personalized touch to your landscape.
You could also consider adding a backyard water feature. A pond or waterfall are great ways to add that little extra touch to your landscape.
Add furniture for comfort. Showcase your laid-back style with an outdoor sofa on your porch. Adding a bench to a garden can also add intrigue and a comfortable place to relax. Add a touch of paint to customize further. Do you have a plain fence or Pick complimentary colors that match your home and furniture.


What’s a unique way to add personality to your landscape that’s also low-maintenance? A rock garden! Decorative rock or gravel can brighten up your yard and create interest.
Another great idea is to personalize paver stones. You can commemorate milestones and events in your life, add your child’s handprints, or anything else you can think of. You could also consider adding an address rock, or one that features the household name.
Stones and other colorful rock features add a personalized element to your landscape. Each stone is different and unique. Pick various shapes to keep things interesting. Use large, flat stones to create a pathway in random places throughout your yard. Browse a landscape center for unique decorative rock that draws attention.