Landscaping with Sand

October 12, 2017

Sand is a great natural landscaping material. Different types of sand are used for different reasons. Playground sand, for instance, is (obviously) good for sandboxes, but also volleyball pits and beach themed landscapes. On the other hand, other types of sand can be useful for household construction projects. Mortar sand, for instance, can be used to place between pavers to create a decorative patio. Thinking about getting creative and adding sand to your landscape in a unique way? This article will help get the ideas flowing.
Sand Bed
Do you want your own private, outdoor oasis? Bring the beach home with you – no matter where you live. You can accomplish this by transforming a corner of your backyard into a sand bed. Then grab the beach chairs or hammock and throw in a fire pit, maybe a beach ball? This is your resort, get as carried away with it as you like!
Natural Sand Box
Throw a sandbox into an unexpected space in your yard and leave out the box! Kids will find it more exciting to play in a random garden spot at the center of nature with a hidden sand “box.” It’s also a unique, fun way to maximize your space.
Use Sand to Create a Modern Design
Modern design often has a simple look. If you’re interested in this low-upkeep look, you could try incorporating only sand and rock as a garden bed. This clean, organized look will also help to cut down on that water bill since there will be no plants to water. Take the look a step further by raking the sand to give it the appearance of rippled water on a lake or beach. Similar looks are common in traditional Japanese Zen gardens.

Things to Keep in Mind

When adding sand to your landscape, there are some special considerations to keep in mind. Plants don’t often thrive in soil once you add sand. If you’re still planning on having trees, flowers or vegetable gardens then you’ll probably need to keep them in a separate area of your yard. Adding a border around your sand garden to help keep it in place could also be a solution. As far as borders go, there are plenty of options also, you could use anything from rock to concrete, pavers or brick.
If you are incorporating a beach theme along with an actual body of water then obviously, you’ll also need to plan how to keep the sand away from the water to keep it clean. The most common choice, in this case, is to add a large deck or patio to separate the sand from the water feature/pool. If you’re starting from scratch then you’ll want to install the pool or water feature before bringing in the sand. Another good idea is to create a sloping grade that leads out to the water. This will make it easier to create a relaxing space to lay out near the water.
If you have questions about adding sand to your landscape or what kind to use, the best bet is to ask a professional. Visit a landscape center and consult with them about what type of sand will work the best for your needs.