Decorative Rock Landscaping Ideas

September 26, 2017

There are many advantages to adding rocks to your landscape. They are durable, they brighten up shady areas, they can help draw attention to a plant or area of interest, and they help minimalize weeds. Not to mention, exchanging plants for rocks is an awesome xeriscaping technique that helps conserve water.
If you’re choosing stones for your landscape, you’ll want to make sure that they match the theme of your current landscape (or the theme you wish you had). Rocks are a long-term solution, so take the time to decide exactly what you want.

Ways rocks can add to your decor

Large boulders can be used as a no-maintenance centerpiece. If you have plants, or shrubs that you’re having a hard time keeping up with – consider finding a large, attractive rock piece to take its place.
If you have a water feature (or plan on adding one to your landscape) large rocks work well to give them a more natural, appealing look.
Thinking of adding a path, or walkway to your yard? You can use flat rock (like flagstone) to create stepping stones. If you choose a material that has a very orderly appearance (cobblestone for example), you might want to add a ground cover between stones to keep things interesting.
If you’re looking for a unique approach to fencing your yard, a large rock retaining wall, or a mortared rock wall is sure to be an instant hit.
Rocks can be used as borders for your flower and plant beds, or edging around a pathway or garden.
Rock patios and walkways are beautiful and require virtually no maintenance.


Keep in mind that every rock is unique, and will never be an exact replica of any material sample. Don’t expect the shapes and/or colors to be exact. On the bright side, you can be sure that you have your own “one-of-a-kind” feature – to a certain extent, anyway.
Rocks and boulders are usually grouped together in nature and look a lot better when placed together for decoration. Put them in clusters to maintain a natural look, unless you are using the rock as a centerpiece.
It’s best to keep a natural look that fits the area you live in. Utahans are lucky, because we have a vast array of rock that appears naturally. There are a variety of rock choices that will match your natural landscape.
An easy way to make your rock garden more soft and beautiful is to plant perennials around the rock, and in the cracks between the rocks.
If you are thinking about adding decorative rock to your landscape, visit one of our landscape centers. We offer a variety of rocks in many styles and are happy to help you find the perfect look for your yard.