Creating Your Landscape

September 26, 2017

Whether you’re buying your first house, moving, or just want a new look for your yard; chances are, you’re feeling stuck with the old question “Where do I start?” These ideas are here to help you turn your yard landscape design goals into reality.
Getting Started
Go window shopping for flowers and plants and write down what you like (or take pictures) to help you come up with a design scheme. To keep your thoughts organized, you can print out a list of your favorites and write notes next to them to help narrow down your search. You could even use an app to help you decide what will look good in your yard.
Before making any purchases, consider plant and tree size- not only when you first plant them, but once they reach full maturity. You should also look up what time of year the plant thrives if it needs a lot of shade or sunlight, how much water it needs, and so on. A quick online search should help you determine what to put where and help avoid problems. You may want to leave space when you get started and add to your design throughout the year to get plants that flourish during each season to keep your yard looking fresh all year.
Get an idea of what something will look like -Without the commitment
Do you think adding some curves here or there might give your yard that extra POW you’re looking for, but can’t decide? It sounds a little silly, but try mowing in the curve the next time your lawn needs a trim, or find another way to temporarily test out the look before adding permanent edging to your yard. Another idea is to place something (one blog recommends using flour) where you plan on creating new flower beds to determine if that’s really the look and placement you will want before getting your hands dirty.
Note: For peace of mind, be sure to call your local utility company before digging and planting.
The Big Picture
After you’re confident you like the layout, you’ll need to figure out what borders you’ll be using around your flower beds. If you don’t want to be replacing these items often, you may want to go with longer lasting materials like stone, concrete, or brick. However, there are many options to choose from. Again, go window-shopping at your local supply store and get a feel for what will work best with your design.
Whatever you decide, be sure it is something you can upkeep. If you don’t think you will have the time to keep up with your new design, then maybe a simpler version will do for now. No matter how much you put into your landscaping design, it will need regular attention if you don’t want it to fall flat.
On the other end of the spectrum, you can always bring your yard back to life with a little work. If you already have plants and flower gardens then you will need to decide what to keep. You may even want to pull everything and start from scratch. If you already have mature plants, they will give your yard a more established look. You can always pull them out later if you’re finding that it’s not working with your new set-up.
Have fun with the process. At the end of the day, as long as you’re happy with your yard then the landscaping is a success.