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Thank You!

Both Barbara and I would like to THANK everyone that worked on the reconstruction of Hillview Way. From the design of the road , with the sidewalk on the uphill side and the sidewalk lighting on the lower side, to the storm drain system and underground utilities. We really appreciate the raised curbing, which will hopefully eliminate the potential of flooding onto our property.

I’m most appreciative of how courteous everyone was in permitting us unlimited ingress andI’m most appreciative of how courteous everyone was in permitting us unlimited ingress and egress, and signaling us as to whether it was safe to pass operating equipment. I’d like to extend

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Dennis Nefzger for his effort in raising the first 12′ of our driveway to keep our vehicles from bottoming out and to Stacy Nicholson for removing the pocket of unforeseen black dirt that was under our driveway before he paved it. We also appreciate having our driveway paved with the relatively new polymer asphalt.

It was a pleasure to wave to each operator and laborer on the job, we felt they really meant it.

Joseph G.

A note from Barb: It was a great experience for Joe to be a part of this project. All your workers welcomed him as he expressed total interest in the equipment and the engineering plans. He was lucky to live right in the middle of this project and to be allowed to follow the progress so closely. Thank you from me!

Barb G.


Caring for Ready Mixed Concrete in the Winter Months

Did you know that using salts and/or deicing products may damage your concrete driveway, garage, sidewalk or patio? Industry associations including the American Concrete Institute and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association along with product manufacturers have issued warnings against using salt, fertilizers, calcium chloride and/or commercial deicing chemicals on concrete surfaces. Using these products may aggravate damage caused by freezing and thawing, causing the concrete surface to flake, spall or peel off.

Damage caused to concrete as a result of using deicing products may not be covered by the warranty from your concrete contractor. The use of deicing products is not recommended during the first year of newly placed concrete surfaces and should be used sparingly in subsequent years. Any product containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate will chemically destroy concrete and should never be used on a concrete surface.

Because some geographical areas use deicing products on city streets, county roads and state highways, melt-off of salty slush from your vehicle may also cause damage to your concrete. When this occurs, try to wash or sweep off salt deposited by cars on newly placed driveways or garage slabs. Applying a concrete sealer annually in the fall will help prevent and avoid damage to driveways and garage slabs.

To add traction to icy surfaces, using clean traction sand or a non-damaging product such as clean kitty litter is recommended.


Landscaping Tips in Helena, Montana: How to Landscape on a Budget

Does your landscape need a little pick-me-up? Is your yard looking like a jungle of overgrown plants and weeds, unkempt beds, and little color to be found You can give your landscape a facelift and stay within a budget at the same time. Helena Sand & Gravel shares four budget-friendly landscaping tips that will boost your curb appeal, invigorate your landscape and brighten the color in your yard. When you’re ready to order or pick up material for your landscaping project, click here to request a quote for landscape products in Montana or call our dispatch center at (406) 227-8585.

Landscaping In Helena Montana How To Landscape On A Budget
Landscaping In Helena Montana How To Landscape On A Budget
Landscaping in Helena Montana How to Landscape on a Budget.pdf
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Commonly Asked Landscaping Questions: Installing and Maintaining Decorative Gravel Beds and Benefits of Mulch

Installing a decorative gravel bed is a colorful and low maintenance addition to your landscape. Are you unsure how to install a decorative gravel bed and how to maintain it? In this article, we address how to install decorative gravel and maintain the bed once it’s installed. We also share the benefits of placing wood mulch in your flower beds. Read the article below to learn the solutions to these commonly asked landscape maintenance questions about installing and maintaining decorative gravel beds and the benefits of using wood mulch in a flower bed. Helena Sand & Gravel has the products you need to spruce up your landscape. Click to request a quote for landscape products or call us at (406) 441-9600 to place an order.

Montana Landscape Maintenance Tips
Montana Landscape Maintenance Tips
Montana Landscape Maintenance Tips.pdf
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Warm Mix and Recycled Asphalt Used as Sustainable Asphalt Pavements, Montana

Did you know that a building’s pavement can help you earn Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) points in the Materials and Resources category? Sustainable paving systems built with recycled asphalt pavement, warm-mix asphalt and pervious concrete pavement contribute to valuable LEED points and increase your building’s overall sustainability. Read the article below to learn more about sustainable paving options and contact Helena Sand & Gravel at (406) 441-9600 for additional information or to get started on your paving project.

Asphalt And Warm Mix To Earn LEED Points Helena Montana
Asphalt And Warm Mix To Earn LEED Points Helena Montana
Asphalt and Warm Mix to Earn LEED Points Helena Montana.pdf
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How to Landscape with Less Water

The American family uses a lot of water to maintain its landscape. In fact, during the summer months, 50% of total water use is expended on landscaping. You can reduce your water use without sacrificing an exciting landscape. Making a few simple changes such as establishing a watering schedule, choosing native plants and xeriscaping with decorative gravel can help you reduce the water used for your landscape. Read the article below for tips about reducing your landscaping water use and stop by our landscape center to choose from a wide variety of options to help you create the perfect xeriscape.

Landscaping Water Reduction Tips
Landscaping Water Reduction Tips
Landscaping Water Reduction tips.pdf
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colored concrete


If you properly care for your concrete, it can last for years. Following three simple steps will help protect your concrete: keep the surface clean, seal concrete after pouring, and avoid harsh chemicals. Read this article for full details about caring for your concrete.

Concrete Care Tips
Concrete Care Tips
Concrete Care Tips.pdf
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